Chinese Foo Dog
Chinese Foo Dog
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Chinese Foo Dog


The Chinese Foo dog is compact and has a square profile. It comes in three sizes: Toy, Miniature or Standard. It has a moderately broad head with pricked ears and the tail is carried over its back Their chest is deep and moderately broad with a short, powerful and compact body, well-sprung ribs, and short, wide, muscular loins.


This is an active, courageous, agile, alert, hardy and strong dog, which speaks to its hunting and working heritage. Bold and energetic in temperament-it makes a very effective and efficient (but friendly), guardian. The Chinese Foo is a highly devoted family pet with great dignity and independence of character-meaning it tends to be an independent thinker


The Chinese Foo Dog is not associated with any major Health Problems. However, due to its size, it's susceptible to develop problems with its bones and joints.


The Chinese Foo's-particularly the larger sizes - need a lot of high-energy exercise. The smaller ones are usually content to be pillows on your couch, but still need to be given a work out.

All puppies and many older dogs have unlimited energy, and that energy needs to be funneled towards constructive ends by exercising vigorously and lots of play time. As your Chinese Foo matures, appropriate exercise is still needed, but their energy level is not quite as high. Although with this breed, they tend to maintain a high energy level well into later life especially with good care and nutrition.

Jogging, walking and running or playing in your yard with your Chinese Foo is something that would give them a good workout. A good game of Frisbee, hide and seek, fetch the tug rope or ball works too. If they happen to get bang out of chasing the lawnmower as you cut grass, you can turn that into play time as well.



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