Appenzell Mountain Dog
Appenzell Mountain Dog
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Appenzell Mountain Dog



The Appenzell  Dog is also called the "Appenzell Cattle Dog" and the It is a muscular but not massive dog. A well-built and hardy and versatile working dog. It has a wide, flat head with a muzzle that narrows toward a black nose. The eyes are small and dark and the ears are pendant. Its tail is carried rolled up on its back. Its limbs are straight. Its short double coat is considerably tight, thick and glossy. The basic colors are black or brown with symmetrical white and rust markings. A white blaze and rust marking over the eyes must be present on the head. Rust is always between the black and the white.   Prefer to live outdoors and needs lots of exercise and room to run. 


Males 22-34 inches  Females 18-20 inches      49-50 pounds


A fairly healthy breed


About 12-13 years


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