Australian Kelpie
Australian Kelpie Dog
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Australian Kelpie Dog


The Australian Kelpie is a medium size dog with a compact body that is slightly longer than tall.  The kelpie has a broad chest and firm hindquarters that contribute to his flexibility and energy.  The double coat is dense and short and weather repellent.  Colors include black and red with or without tan and fawn, chocolate and blue.  The kelpie is a enthusiastic and tireless working dog who is excellent at herding.  They are independent and need a firm owner.  Boredom is this breed’s doom.  They need open space to run and a job to do.


17 – 20 inches  25-45 pounds


Beware of progressive retinal atrophy which is retinal degeneration causing partial to total blindness. 

LIFE EXPECTANCY is about 10-14 years

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