Bouvier des Flanders
Bouvier Des Flanders
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Bouvier Des Flanders

The Bouvier des Flandres is a powerfully built, compact, short-coupled, rough-coated dog of notably rugged appearance. He gives the impression of great strength without any sign of heaviness or clumsiness in his overall makeup. He is agile, spirited and bold, yet his serene, well behaved disposition denotes his steady, resolute and fearless character. His gaze is alert and brilliant, depicting his intelligence, vigor and daring. By nature he is an equable dog. His origin is that of a cattle herder and general farmer's helper, including cart pulling.


A diet too high in protein can cause serious problems with bone growth. Limit heavy exercise while your puppy is growing. Exercise is healthy, but don’t let, or force, your growing puppy to overdo it. Your Bouvier will be your loving companion for years to come. Puppyhood goes by quickly.

What happens during that short time will have a profound effect on your dog’s quality of life. Contact your veterinarian to be sure your puppy has all the necessary vaccinations and is protected from health hazards that may be unique to your area of the country.


Bouviers are a large sized strong-willed dog with a profuse coat and a moderate energy level. While Bouviers are athletic dogs and enjoy a variety of activities, they do not require intense daily exercise. An expert describes the strong and steady Bouvier as "neither a dog to be taken lightly nor relegated to a life lacking interaction with its human family." The Bouvier work ethic must be accommodated, and the breed’s versatility makes it possible for them to do myriad tasks. They’re incomparable watchdogs and guardians, and eager participants in any number of dog sports, including competitive herding trials. Bouviers are best suited for life with owners who can devote ample time and space to a top-of-the-line working dog.


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