Basenji Dog
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Basenji Dog


Besenji aka Congo dogs are hunting dogs originating from Africa.  They are smooth, muscular, athletic dogs on the small side.  The ears are straight, small and erect and they have small almond shaped eyes.  The AKC standard calls for white on the feet, chest and tip of the tail.  The Basenji bark sounds like a yodel noise.  They are alert, affectionate and energetic.  They should not be trusted with non-canine pets and small children.  They need lots of daily exercise and an authoritative owner. 

Height:  males 16-17 inches, females 15-16 inches

Weight: males 22-26 pounds, females 20-25 pounds

Health Problems:  This breed is prone to Fanconi syndrome (kidney problems) which must be treated promptly.  Also, susceptible to progressive retinal atrophy and eye problems.

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