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The Beauceron is a large guard working dog originating from France.  The body is slightly longer than it is tall. The head is long and in proportion with the body.  They have dark brown eyes that are slightly oval. The half pricked or drop-ears are set high and either cropped or left natural. The AKC standard calls for double dewclaws on each rear leg and disqualifies a dog that does not have them. The tail is fringed, carried low reaching at least to the hock forming the shape of a "J." The smooth, short double-coat has longer hair on both the tail and hindquarters. The outer coat is harsh while the undercoat is soft and silky. It comes in black with distinct tan markings and in a less common harlequin coat with patches of gray, black and tan.  The Beauceron is brave, intelligent and obedient.  They are eager and willing to please so excels at training.  They are natural guard and herding dogs.  They need lots of exercise and wide open spaces to run. 

Height/Weight:  24-27 inches, up to 110 pounds

Health Problems:  generally healthy but are prone to bloat and hip dysplasia.

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