Black Mouth Cur
Black Mouth Cur
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Black Mouth Cur

If you are looking for a rugged, strongly muscled working dog then look no further than the Black Mouth Cur. This breed is a medium- to large-sized dog that is named for the black coloration on its muzzle. Black Mouth Curs are often referred to as “multitalented” dogs because they can be trained for a variety of uses including hunting, herding, and general utility – they also make great family pets! This attractive and intelligent breed is an excellent option for families with or without children because they form very strong bonds with their humans and they respond well to training.


The Black Mouth Cur makes a great family pet as long as it is trained and socialized from a young age. These dogs form very close bonds with their family and have been known to be incredibly protective and loyal. When exposed to children from a young age, Black Mouth Curs can get along well with children of any age, though supervision is recommended for very young children because the dog may not know to be gentler with them. This breed is typically not aggressive with humans, though they can be somewhat territorial. Due to its hunting instincts and high prey drive, it is not recommended that you leave this dog alone with non-canine pets.


The Black Mouth Cur is generally considered to be a very healthy breed – because it is used primarily as a working breed, any genetic defects that might hamper its abilities are quickly culled from the gene pool. There are, however, certain conditions to which the Black Mouth Cur is prone. These conditions include ear infections, eye problems, skeletal problems, epilepsy, and mange.


The average life expectancy of the Black Mouth Cur is between 12 and 16 years.


  • Height:16-25 inches
  • Weight:50-100 lbs.
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